Roll Around Heaven Launch Party

(Photos by Richard A. Herman ©)

Author's Father-in-law, the Rev. Hank W. Andersen gave us a rousing blessing


Lama Karma from Bhutan blessed RAH


Husband Tom made the first toast!


Val really did speak! (from Chapt: "Val Speaks")


The RAH! RAH! Team served...and the bubbly flowed


The RAH Chancel Choir sang a few rousing our musicians played on...


Handsome Namesake Nephew Jesse...and stepson Eli kept us laughing (his brother Ben and gorgeous new wife Celia arrived later...)


So did our neighborhood baker...and chocolatier


Our regional publicist brought lovely flowers...and our go-to marketing director was ready for the first sales!


And a very proud husband introduced...a very happy author!

 Roll Around Heaven is available at Amazon, Borders, Barnes & Noble, and Simon & Schuster

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